The REACH Legislation entered into force on June 1st, 2007.

Since this date substances in volumes over one ton per year must be neither manufactured nor imported in the EU (even in preparations / mixtures and articles under certain conditions), unless they are registered.

Transitional periods are granted under the REACH Regulation in order to perform comprehensive registration tasks. Depending on substance volumes and certain health and environmental classifications, these transitional periods, starting from June 1st, 2007, range from 3.5 to 11 years (Article 23). In order be able to benefit from these transitional periods, and to give you a planning reliability as a user of the products which you buy from us, we respectively our suppliers pre-registered them. First substances were already registered successfully by us and/or our suppliers.

It is also essential for us to be informed about downstream applications as well as use and exposure information for the respective substances in order to be able to generate the required dossiers and reports covering the identified uses. Therefore we need the active assistance of our customers to support an adequate exchange of information for registration purposes.

Further background information on the REACH Legislation and the terminology / definitions is available in national and industry-specific supporting materials and from REACH helpdesks (e.g. those provided by the national or European associations and Competent Authorities, for example ECHA – European Chemicals Agency).


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